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Ontario Railway Stations

Silver Mountain

  • Silver Mountain CNoR Station

    Canadian Northern Railway

    Source: wikimedia, ca. 1910

  • Silver Mountain CN Station

    Canadian National Railway (former)

    © Jeri Danyleyko, ca. 2005

Silver Mountain station was built by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1907. It replaced an earlier station built by the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway which was taken over by CNoR (later CN) in 1899. At one time it included a post office and grocery store operated by station manager Dorothea Mitchell, who later became a saw mill owner and then a filmmaker.

The line was abandoned by CN in 1938. The station was used as a private residence for many years. Substantial renovations were made to the building beginning in the early 1970s. Gradually it was converted to a bar and is now a popular restaurant. It is also home to the Silver Mountain and Area Historical Society.

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