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New Brunswick Railway Stations


The original Queen Street station was built by the New Brunswick Railway (NBR) probably around 1873. In 1890 the NBR was leased by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The CPR expanded their facilities in 1910, adding a new station in 1911. The old station was relocated just north of the new station and converted to a private dwelling for the station-master. It was sold in 1977 and remains in use as a private dwelling. It is a designated historical structure.

The newer CPR station was demolished after being seriously damaged by fire in 1998. Arson was determined to be the cause.

The tiny Upper Woodstock station was also built by the NBR. It still stands but has been relocated.

The CN station was built by the Saint John and Quebec Railway (Valley Line) probably around 1919-20. The line was purchased by CN in 1929. Passenger service ended in 1952. The station was demolished in 1963.